Our Process

We are a small (yet mighty) manufacturing team that hand cuts and hand sews every order that comes through our shop.  We hire intentionally from our under-resourced neighborhoods of Hamtramck and Detroit to give women a chance to learn a new skill and make an income for their families.

Here's a snippet of the journey your bag takes.

After you design your perfect bag on our interactive website, we print out the specifics of your bag. Jubilee cuts every piece of fabric and Sabah cuts the leather pieces for your order.  They get assembled and ready for our seamstress to come pick up the pieces.  She comes once a week and makes the majority of the bag in her home.  After finishing what she can at home, she brings the bags back to our workshop and spends some time on our industrial machines to sew up the leather.  When our seamstresses become full time, we buy them an industrial machine for their home as well.  After your bag come back to our workshop, our in-house seamstresses sew the straps and handles onto the bag. It then goes into the shipping box where our shipping team inspects it for quality and accuracy, trims every thread, and packages it up to send your way.  We take loads of bags to the post office daily - so you don't have to wait one more day for your custom bag to arrive. 

We believe in small batch, custom manufacturing.  We believe in slow fashion and investing your money in products that help people and the community.  We believe in what we are doing and are honored to partner with you in making a better life for our employees.