Used Bag Program

Have you ever wished that you could send us back your used Better Life Bag and get credit toward a brand new one? Maybe you started with the Scout bag and now are transitioning into the stage of life when you need a diaper bag like the Emily or Harper. Or maybe you're successfully made it through those toddler years and you're back to needing something smaller!

Whatever the reason, fill out this online form we will respond back to you with a gift card $ amount that we will offer you for sending us your used bag.

Some common questions you might have:

1. What kind of pictures do you need to see?
We would like a picture of the front, back, and inside of the bag. Please also send us pictures of any stains, worn areas, etc... 

2. What else should I include in my email?
We'd love to know your order number or approximately how old the bag is. We can look this up on our end, but it saves us a few steps if you know it or can find your order # in your emails!

3. How much will I get back for my bag?
It depends on the condition of your bag. We anticipate sending between 20-75% of what you originally paid for your bag back in the form of a gift card/store credit.

4. Can I get a monetary refund instead? 
This program is designed for people who have used their BLB and are ready to try a new one. If you are within your return window on a new bag, email us to start the return process!

5. What if I want to order the same style bag?
You definitely can. You don't HAVE to, though. You can send us back a Molly and use your credit to order a wallet. We still have our Makeover Program where you can pay to refresh the fabric or swap areas out for leather on your well loved BLB. You can always email us for details on that program, as well. 

6. How long does it take to receive my store credit?
You will receive your credit within 1-2 business days of us receiving your used bag and assessing it for value. 

7. Who pays for return shipping?
For a limited time, we do! We want as many BLBs back that have just been sitting in your closet and want to give them new life! So return shipping to us is included! Once we have received photos of your bag and you've accepted our estimated credit amount, we will email you a return label. You'll need to package your bag up in a box, stick the label to the front, and drop it off at a post office.

8. Does my credit expire? 
Nope! It works the same as a gift card, so you can even use it along with a coupon code you may have. 

9. What happens to the bag I send back?
We will most likely perform a makeover on it and then resell it during our annual warehouse sale in the summer. We also may have a few "Gently Used" online bag sales during the year!

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