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We're Hiring!

The following is a job description for the next person that God is bringing to Better Life Bags.

I, Rebecca, need help.  As I move into this next season of life with homeschooling and investing deeply in my kids, I want to still make sure I am stewarding BLB well.  To do that, I think it’s time to bring on another management position to help fill the gaps I’m leaving.  This person may or may not have official educational qualifications.  We don’t require any education or experience because none of us had that when we started!  I’m looking more for the perfect person who is willing to learn skills, listen to podcasts, and has the capacity to carry the business alongside me. 

Official Title: Marketing and Project Director


  • Work full time* in Hamtramck, MI at our BLB workshop starting January 3rd, 2018.  (*If you think you’re the perfect person for this job, but can only work part time - still apply!  I’m open to being flexible on this if needed.)
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds.
  • Loves Better Life Bags and our products.
  • Loves our women and is missional minded.

The person most fit for this position:

  • Will work closely with me to bring some new visions to life. 
  • Will help me carry the load of growing the company into new directions and more sales through creative product development, marketing, working with blog collaborators, developing an ambassador program, and dreaming up new ways to keep BLB exciting, new, and fresh. 
  • Can come up with fresh ideas.
  • Has probably played around with owning her own ETSY shop or been involved in marketing products on Social Media. 
  • Is a Do-It-Yourself type person.  If you don’t know how to do something, you’ll listen to podcasts, read blogs, and research until your understand and implement.
  • Goes the extra mile.  I’d love someone to take our ideas a step further than I could ever dream.
  • Takes initiative and is self motivated.
  • Is detailed and organized.
  • Can see processes that would make us run more effectively and use our supplies better.
  • Listens to podcasts and reads books on her own time that relate to marketing, business, entrepreneurship, and leadership to apply to her job.
  • Has an eye for our brand aesthetic. 
  • Can lead and direct a group of women - giving constructive feedback and encouraging reviews.

Tasks and responsibilities may include:

  • Plan and design email marketing campaigns in MailChimp.
  • Make daily decisions alongside our Operations Manager that is in line with long term growth goals. 
  • Plan and execute marketing campaigns for product launches, fabric launches, holidays, etc…
  • Execute and plan social media ad campaigns.
  • Discover new sales avenues.
  • Coordinate blog collaborations and reviews.
  • General office organization.
  • Plan and implement efficient office procedures and systems as needed.
  • Develop new products - specifically with our scraps of leather and fabric.
  • Answer customer service emails and process returns/makeovers.
  • Give direction, feedback, and vision to employees who post on social media.
  • Photograph bags for our website and social media accounts with a DSLR and edit on Photoshop Elements.
  • Organize and implement photoshoots with models and a photographer for new products and seasonal website changes.
  • Maintain and improve our website and Social Media pages.
  • Conduct newspaper and news interviews as requested.
  • Schedule and appear on FB and Instagram LIVE videos to connect with customers.
  • Plan and execute all the details involved with our yearly summer warehouse sale. 
  • Travel to conferences, shows, and pop up shops to represent BLB (approx once a month).
  • Manage the brick and mortar retail section of our workshop and Saturday Retail Day employees.
  • Other office jobs as needed.  (We wear a lot of hats around here!)

Not Required, but Helpful Skills:

  • Photography
  • Photoshop/Design
  • Sewing

If you think you would be a good fit, please fill out our application!  If you know someone who might fit this description, please pass the website on to them!  We can’t wait to introduce you to our new team member!

Deadline to apply is October 31st.  First round of interviews will start on November 6th.