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Clara - Orphan Care Awareness

$ 175.00

We have collaborated with The Archibald Project to bring you a unique watercolor map of the world on our most popular tote.  We hope that by carrying this bag, you will help bring awareness to orphan care. 


  • Full grain leather bottom and handles
  • Inside lining is a strong natural canvas.
  • Inside cell phone pocket.


  • Overall size: 13" wide x 14" tall.
  • Strap length has a drop of 12"
  • Cell phone pocket measures 5" x 6"

The Archibald Project is an orphan care advocacy organization.  They use media to tell stories.  These stories advocate for orphans, educate on orphan care, build community, and inspire people into action.  Because of their stories, fewer children are called orphan. 

Better Life Bags is donating 25% of every sale from this Clara tote to The Archibald Project.  

    The Seamstress

    Tell us a little about you, Karima.
    I have eight kids.  They live in Afghanistan.  I enjoy when I see people live in peace.  I love to be independent.  I want my kids to live in peaceful situations very far from war and harassment.  I want them to not suffer and go through what I went through.  I enjoy breathing fresh air of peace.  I do not want anymore war or fighting.

    What country were you born in?  Tell us a little about it.
    I was born in Afghanistan.  The mountainous country.   People of Afghanistan have suffered from war for almost 50 years.  Afghans are very talented people.  They are brave and very famous in being hospitable. We have very delicious food and organic vegetables.  Kabul Palau is our delicious and famous food.

    Tell us about your journey to America.
    I came to the USA in July 2014.  Being away from my family and kids is very difficult for me.  The first months and year was very difficult because I had no job, was away from family, in a new environment, and all these were the difficult moments I passed.  I have friends in America now.  They always ask on me and share their joys and happy moments with me.  I appreciate it. 

    When did you start working at Better Life Bags?  And what is it like?
    I started working with BLB in December 2015.  I enjoy working with them.  We are a family working for betterment of each other.  I love the environment.  It is a friendly situation and we value on another.

    There are so many cultures represented among the BLB employees.  What have you learned form being around so many different races, religions, and cultures every day?
    Family means we respect each other's races, religions, and cultures.  We listen to one another and we learn from one another.  I like the BLB friendly environment.

    What does you family think about you working at Better Life Bags?  And what has having a job done for you personally?
    My husband is really happy for my job and wonderful people I am working with.  I gained new experiences and skills at BLB.  Also, I met and found new friends and family.  I enjoy when I do the work exactly in the way it is supposed to be done.