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A Limited Edition Mini: Detroit Inspired

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The perfect bag for the "small bag girl".  Fits all the essentials for a night out, quick shopping trip, or girl's weekend.  Featuring loved buildings from our own Detroit, MI. 


  • 100% genuine leather bottom and strap.
  • Inside lining is a strong natural canvas.
  • Zips closed at top and outside pocket.
  • Brass hardware.


  • Overall size: 10" tall x 7" wide
  • Outside Pocket: 7" tall x 7" wide
  • Strap length adjusts from 30" to 52"

Placement of fabric my vary slightly from image.  Fabric designed by Scarlet Crane.  Limited edition fabric - while supplies last!

    The Seamstress

    Tell us a little about you, Roushanara.
    I have six children, one boy and five girls. I love to help people in need, I also love to spend time with my family.

    What country were you born in?  Tell us a little about it.
    I was born in Bangladesh. I grew up in a very beautiful city. My father had a lot of land and my house was very big. Bangladesh is a beautiful country with nice warm weather. 

    Tell us about your journey to America.
    I came to America in 1988. I lived in New York for 2 years. I was sad that I left my family behind in Bangladesh. It was hard for me to communicate with others because I could not speak the language. I liked going out to Brooklyn, New York. The Brooklyn Bridge was my favorite place to go by at night; also the city was nice.

    When did you start working at Better Life Bags?  And what is it like?
    I started working at Better Life Bags in Oct. 2013. I like the co-workers I work with and having Rebecca as a boss. I really like that I can wear my hijab to work and have a workplace with friendly people.

    There are so many cultures represented among the BLB employees.  What have you learned form being around so many different races, religions, and cultures every day?
    I learned that even though we come from different cultures we share the same values. We each have respect for one another.  

    What does you family think about you working at Better Life Bags?  And what has having a job done for you personally?
    My family loves that I am working and being able to do my favorite hobby at the same time. Having a job allows me to spend my money whenever I need it. I also am able to give money to needy people in Bangladesh.