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Fanny - Design Your Own (Ships by 6/29)

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    A 3-in-1 bag: Belt bag, Shoulder/Crossbody bag, and Wallet in one!


    • 100% genuine leather on back.
    • Zips closed on top and front pocket.
    • Six inside leather credit card slots. 
    • Wrist strap is NOT included, but can be chosen as an add-on.
    • Belt strap will be the same color as "1. Colored Leather"

    Be sure to pick your belt length.
    Measurements INCLUDE the wallet length:
    Strap A : 26" - 38"
    Strap B:  36"- 62"


    • Overall size: 9" wide x 5" tall.
    • Front pocket: 9" wide x 3.5" tall.

    The Seamstress

    Tell us a little about you, Shaheda.
    I like to help people and I enjoy it. I have two children and I love my children.

    What country were you born in?  Tell us a little about it.
    I was born in Bangladesh. My country looks very nice. There are lots of rivers, forests and nice beaches. Bangladesh people are very helpful and peaceful. 

    Tell us about your journey to America.
    I moved to America Feb. 6, 2010. I missed my country first month because it was cold and very hard for me. The exciting thing was the system of this country. 

    When did you start working at Better Life Bags?  And what is it like?
    I started working in October 2013 at Better Life Bags. I like to work here and I feel really happy. I have learned to help and respect others.

    What does you family think about you working at Better Life Bags?  And what has having a job done for you personally?
    My family and husband think it is good that I work at Better Life Bags. I enjoy my time here and earn income.

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