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Olivia - Autumn Floral and Distressed Squares

$ 418.00

Olivia is one of our most popular cross body bags.  She makes an exceptional school or work bag - big enough to fit your gadgets and books, but not too bulky!  We love her for a carry-on bag or an everyday purse.


      • 100% genuine leather bottom and straps.
      • Inside lining is a strong canvas.
      • Plastic bottom insert.
      • Four outside pockets.
      • Leather wraps all the way on the bottom and up on the sides because we know this will be a bag that will get put on the ground a lot.  
      • Zips closed.
      • Crossbody strap optional.
      • Overall size: 18.5" wide x 13" tall x 7" deep.  
      • Strap length adjusts from 30" to 52"
      • Front outside pocket: 7.5" wide x 8" tall
      • Cell phone pocket fits all sizes of smart phones. 
      • Side pockets: 7" wide x 6.25" tall
      Placement of fabric may vary slightly from what you see on the interactive image. 

        Transparent Pricing

        As a company with a mission, we aim to create high quality products that make a difference in the lives of our employees.  We want to bring a great product to you at a price without massive markups that other retailers attach to their product.  Since we manufacture our own bags, we are able to cut out the middle man and bring you a great bag at a great price.

        Many of our fabrics are made in the USA and we buy our supplies from as many small business owners as we can.  But the truth is, we don't know the extent of the supply chain for all of our materials.  Our goal is to have 90% of our materials be ethically sourced by the end of 2016.  

        Our bags are all made in the USA and we pay our seamstresses really well.  They end up earning between $18-$25/hour depending on the bag and how proficient they become over time. 

        We have a great team of managers that help shepherd and guide our BLB family.  Their salary is included in the overhead category along with all our monthly expenses like Internet, rent, utilities, machine repair, and insurance. You know, all the boring but necessary elements of running a sustainable business.

        BACK INTO BLB:
        This is the fun part.  This is what is left over after a bag has been made.  We use this to create fun advertising campaigns, offer gifts on purchases, start to develop new products, and provide interest free loans for our employees.

        Your purchase matters!

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