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"these are the days" necklace

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An excerpt from "A Better Life"

"These are our actual days that we will look back on in five or ten years and long for. The days of small beginnings when everything is scrappy and we are working in the margins of life to bring some dream to the surface. The days of wiping butts and wiping mouths and going through so many wipes we’re sure we’ve killed an entire forest single-handedly.

Everything has a season. That Instagram celebrity you see selling millions of books and webinars like penny candy at the dollar store? Her moment won’t last. Her following will eventually find someone else to obsess over. Even Miss America gets her crown for only one year. None of our moments will last. Our children will not remain small forever. The days of puzzle-making, crayon art, and popsicles on the front porch in the heat of summer are fading fast. We never know when our time will be up. So we should live every day as if it’s our last. Not necessarily by going skydiving and climbing Mount Everest, but by living well and small and deep—walking confidently on the path laid out before us, knowing it has been planned and prepared for us. And that it is good."

Wear this necklace as a reminder. 

Necklace by Sela Designs

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Choose 14K gold fill or sterling silver.
18" chain.
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