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Wallet- Brown Leather with Wrist Strap

$ 120.00



  • 100% genuine leather on back.
  • Zips closed on top and front pocket.
  • Six inside leather credit card slots. 
  • Brass hardware.
  • Wrist-strap


  • Overall size: 7.5" wide x 4" tall.
  • Front pocket: 7.5" wide x 3.5" tall.

The Seamstress

Tell us a little about you, Parul.
I have three children. My oldest daughter is 16 years old, second daughter is 13 years old, and my youngest is 9 years old. I like cooking, sewing, and taking care of my kids. I also like to help people. 

 What country were you born in?  Tell us a little about it.
I was born in Bangladesh. I was a very nice country and peaceful and fun to live there. The country has cities and villages as well. 

Tell us about your journey to America.
I moved to America in 2001, I did not enjoy it here the first month here because I missed my home in Bangladesh. It was not hard to live here but I did not like it. I like it here now. 

When did you start working at Better Life Bags?  And what is it like?
I started working at BLB during 2014. I like working here and I have learned many new things.  I have learned new things from each person. I feel like we are a family because we are that close to each other. 

What does you family think about you working at Better Life Bags?  And what has having a job done for you personally?
My family and husband think it is great that I work at BLB because I enjoy working here. My job has taught me to do things by myself and learn new information.